Wednesday, 11 May 2016

MHTT Training Video Blog: Days 5 and 6

The routine is going strong and I'm getting the videos shorter and more focused around single drills and activites. I'd love any feedback you have, you can do that via email to or on any of my social media platforms! :) Here are the training schedules and commentaries for Days 5 and 6!

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Day #5:

Training Schedule:
1 hour table training - Jin Yuxiang (long pips chopper, Chinese Province player USATT 2550)
30 minutes exercise bike
1 hour gym workout (elliptical warmup, abdominal workout and bicep curls to finish)

Forehand Loop vs. Chop
Generally I was pretty happy with the spin and consistency across the whole drill. I was just looking to work on the basic mechanics and not worry too much about power just yet. My aim was to make a high number of repetitions and get the mechanics in good enough shape so that I wasn't straining in my motion. I felt I remained pretty relaxed thought I could turn through and follow through in my swing a little more and start a bit lower (flexibility needs work in legs).

Day #6: 

Training Schedule:
1 hour table training all my drills - Judy Hugh (US National Women's Team member)
30 minute core workout (planks, leg raises, leg holds)

Short/Long Transitions:
I wanted to work on my transition between backhand and forehand as this has been a bigger problem in random drills. I chose the bh, middle fh, bh,fh drill to work on it and generally I felt ok with how it was going. Footwork didn't seem to be a major problem, though my recovery to the backhand was sometimes a little short and I ended up playing my stroke a bit outside of my shoulders which lost some accuracy and control. I also noticed some deficiency with my backhand stroke over the table (too much wrist and sometimes a bit too short and punchy) and from the side view with my forehand timing. Plenty to work on here.

Hope you have been enjoying the blogs. Please, please, please, be sure to give feedback if you have any! Thanks! :)


  1. Hi Matt,

    I've been watching your vlogs and I notice that you don't seem to use a lot of multiball drills in your training. In my own personal development as a player, I find that they have proved invaluable.

    Do you not have a preference for them or do you just like single ball drills better?

    1. I probably do multiball about 15% of the time when I'm training usually. Right now my biggest problem is in matches so I'm trying to use more single ball drills to try and simulate matchplay more. Once I get back on my feet with a reasonable level of matchplay then I can focus back on other aspects of my game.

      Multiball is great, I did a tonne of it when I was in China and the benefits really show after a short space of time. It's definitely something I should be doing more than I usually would anyway.

      Thanks for the feedback :)