Friday, 6 May 2016

MHTT Training Video Blog Kicks Off

Hi guys. For the last couple of months since getting sick (with my autoimmune disorder) after the World Championships in Malaysia, my table tennis has no been the same. Not even close in fact. I started practicing slowly and then more regularly a few weeks ago but my game and matchplay are in a terrible state. So I set about planning my resurrection and figured I may as well create some kind of video diary, so here it is.

For the first ten days I will be making a video blog of each day. After that I will make an update every 3-4 days and we will see how long it stretches on for, hopefully I can stick with it if there is a big enough interest.

So here is Day #1

Day 1 is really just giving some insight into what my training regime will be like, it's slightly long but I'm hoping I can get it to a better duration as I learn more about how to do good video blogs.

Training Schedule:
- 30 minute elliptical cross-trainer warmup
- 1 hour training - Lily Yip (2 time Olympian, 4 time US National Coach of the Year)
- 1.5 hours training - Kaden Xu (Chinese Provincial Player, USATT 2700
- 2 best of 5 matches (Evening)

And here is Day #2

Day 2 was already presented better than Day 1 I think. I just focused on a couple of key areas, my core workout and getting some feeling back on my backspin serve.

Training Schedule:
- 30 minute elliptical cross-trainer warmup
- 30 minute core workout (weighted core rotations, planks)
- 30 minute backspin serve practice
- Friday Night League - Division 1 (7 best of 5 matches. 5 wins, 2 losses)

I will probably post the videos to here in twos so if you want to follow be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel! :)


  1. Keep it up!

  2. Oh yeah, by the way, the music is a bit too loud when you talk. At times, it gets a little hard to hear. It's probably not a problem to native English speakers, but it does get in the way.