Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Attacking the Half-Long Ball in Table Tennis

Perhaps one of the most under-trained elements of table tennis is how to deal with the half-long ball. Sometimes it can be a loose serve or short push, sometimes it can be a long push which is too shallow, and on some occasions it can be intentional to draw out a softer opening or a push return. This article will deal with some ways to improve how you deal with the half long ball in practice and matches.

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Attacking the Half-Long Ball in Table Tennis
Image courtesy of ITTFWorld

Friday, 13 April 2018

The Importance of an Assertive Mindset in Table Tennis

I was recently at a large tournament with some high intensity matches between Youth National players and made a number of observations about an area I have written on before and frequently visit whilst coaching on the bench at tournaments. I had a little time and haven't written a blog for a while so thought now would be a good opportunity to shed some light on a gamechanging subject.

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The importance of being assertive
Image courtesy of ITTFWorld

Monday, 22 January 2018

How to Defy the Odds and Make a Comeback in a Match

Well it has been quite a long time since I have added to my Coaching Blog and with a new year turning over there is no better time like the present to try and get some new help topics out there. This blog is on how to look a large score deficit in the face and fight back to win a match. We saw this on a couple of occasions in 2017 including Xu Xin's intense 7th game comeback against Lin Gaoyuan and also Timo Boll's famous comeback against Lin Gaoyuan as well, without meaning to pick on one person of course.

Timo Boll's massive comeback against Lin Gaoyuan

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Guangdong Steps Up on Home Ground in Shenzhen

The Guangdong Team prepared for an epic showdown on November the 4th as they stood before their home crowd against a difficult opposition. Led by Coach and Chinese legend Guo Yuehua along with Chinese National Team member Hao Shuai, the Guangdong team would face off with Shandong Luneng, a team of formidable opposition.

Guangdong and Shandong Luneng players warm-up

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Is Conformity of Styles Hurting the Sport of Table Tennis?

This is a topic that you may have considered subconsciously but never really discussed. Maybe when I talk about it you will notice. I spoke to a couple of players during the World Table Tennis Championships, legends of the sport, one in particular was Jorgen Persson - 1991 World Table Tennis Champion. A big topic for me with the players from past generations is what they think about the progression and changes in the sport. Here is some food for thought about 'conformity of styles'.

Is table tennis losing diversity of style and character?