Friday 24 January 2014

Commemorating a Centurion Ping Ponger: Dorothy De Low

Sad news just today, the passing of one of veteran Table Tennis' most iconic players and someone who's commitment and passion for table tennis never faded even after the ripe age of 100. Dorothy De Low of Australia was born in 1910 and was considered the oldest table tennis player in the world. Videos of Dorothy playing showed her full of life and energy every time she played.

Dorothy De Low
World's Oldest Table Tennis Player
Rest in Peace

Wednesday 22 January 2014

MHTT Ping Pong Runway #5: Luoana Alexandrescu

Luoana Alexandrescu, Romanian blood, born in Belgium and now a Brand Ambassador for the Hakkasan Night Club at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, USA. Sharing her passion for table tennis with her sister, Cynthia and mother, Carmencita (a certified table tennis coach and umpire), Luoana is without a doubt the most fashionable table tennis ambassador that Las Vegas has to offer.

Luoana Alexandrescu

Ping Pong at SiriusXM Radio Inc. in New York City

I had a unique opportunity to check out the workspace at SiriusXM Radio Inc. in New York City today. SiriusXM boasts over 25 million subscribers and is one of the most popular satellite radio channels in the US, particularly in the New York area. I made it up to the 37th floor (where the TT Table was) which I believe may be the top level. This is where the main studios are and I was told that even artists like Eminem and Jamie Foxx have their own studios here for their own radio segments.

One of the press studios at SiriusXM

Monday 6 January 2014

Ping Pong Runway #4: Ioanna Papadimitriou

Ioanna Papadimitriou is the Greek Aphrodite of Table Tennis for sure! The outstanding model recently returned to the USA where we competed in the same tournament at LYTTC over the weekend. It was nice to meet Ioanna after interacting with her a bit via Table Tennis Master. The ping pong model has screened in endorsements for Pepsi, L'oreal, Budweisher, L'eggs, Clairol and many more and also made a guest appearance on CSI Miami!

Ioanna Papadimitriou models in Mykonos, Greece