TT Links

My favourite arenas online for table tennis. Here is where I support my many acquaintances, friends and supporters who, like me, work had to grow the sport's profile online. The list will grow as I go!


TABLETENNISUNIVERSITY: Sign up for free to one of the most popular online learning resources for table tennis. Currently the Mastering Basics course with 12 videos is absolutely free! Check it out.

Friends and Partners:

TABLE TENNIS DAILY: Dan Ives' amazing and fast growing table tennis forum and media site, endorsed by World Number 1 Ma Long and with thousands of members. The site features a lot of video media and thousands of forum topics as well as world class interviews (I say world class because most of them are from my blog :P ) and much more!

TABLE TENNIS COACH ELI BARATY: One of the most active coaching websites currently online with one of Britain's top coaches Eli Baraty. The site has a wealth of different coaching articles to help you improve your game!

TABLE TENNIS PRSS: The RSS feed home of table tennis, get fresh updates from all your favourite table tennis news and media sites, all in one location! You can even find the RSS feed for my blog there! An awesome new initiative to show all the best news from the tt community.

TABLE TENNIS COACH: A fantastic coaching blog by a great supporter of my blog, Tom Lodziak. Plenty of great advice and knowledge shared here!

PINGSKILLS: Some of the most followed coaching videos around the globe, the fantastic team of Alois Rosario and Jeff Plumb (Australian Olympic Coach and Olympian respectively) come together to offer you the tips and instruction you need to work towards becoming a great table tennis player. Sponsors of my first ever blog competition, make sure you check them out!

OOAK TABLE TENNIS FORUM: I just joined these guys in their forum and it looks great! There is a tonne of unique forum topics around equipment, for all of you who use anti and long pips, this place is heaven for you!

MYTABLETENNIS.NET FORUM: I just joined this incredible site. A table tennis forum with...get this...over 25,000 members. I am in awe, it's amazing. Great thread categories, equipment reviews, coaching tips, videos and more. Check it out and join the ping pong masses!

TABLE TENNIS COACHING SITE: This is the home of Larry Hodges' blog which features all the best from table tennis daily from Mon-Fri each week!

GECAPHOENIX ON YOUTUBE: A great support for the start of my 2012 year with his awesome promo video for me! With over 4.5 million video views and over 200 amazing table tennis videos, this place is heaven for tt fans. From league matches to pro tours to 'grand slam' events, he's got it all. Don't miss out!

JANUS770 ON YOUTUBE: Another great supporter of my blog of recent times. Janus is one of the most efficient uploaders of table tennis videos for the World Tour and major world events as well as Champions League matches. With over 600 table tennis videos there is bound to be at least one there for you!

AEROBIC TABLE TENNIS: The new innovation of Steve Rowe, table tennis, aerobics and yoga combined, the ultimate calorie burner and great initiative for improvement and development in women's table tennis. Watch this space for a potentially global franchise in the near future!

EXPERT TABLE TENNIS:  My fellow Table Tennis Master blog writer Ben Larcombe has established this great site for guidance of players of all levels, make sure you go there and register and you can also download his free e-book packed with training drills!

PING PONG RULER: A new site on the scene aiming to bring you all that is fresh and new in the world of table tennis. Be sure to drop by and have a look!

PONGBOSS: A collection of informative table tennis blog posts from equipment to game and training skills, caters to players of all levels!