Monday 6 June 2016

How To Make Your Long Push Effective in Matches

When people talk about long pushing what image comes into your head? Do you see a boring and endless rally between two players both scared to attack? The ball floating back and forth over the net? When somebody long pushes to you it can be the perfect opportunity to attack and a lot of long push balls are played too loose in matches. You need to redefine why you long push in a game and how you can turn the stroke into more of a strategic weapon.

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Former US National Team Member Ariel Hsing

Sunday 5 June 2016

7 Reasons Why Table Tennis is Good for The Body and Mind!

When people say table tennis or ping pong, some people might not associate physical activity with it. Some people might think a table tennis player 'just stands there and hits a ball'. In most levels of the sport (and it is a sport), that's far from the case. Here are 10 super reasons why table tennis is becoming a more popular sport for the body and mind!

1. It's a Reflex Sport!
Table Tennis is one of the world's fastest reaction sports, dealing with speed, spin and forces of immense levels over short measures of time and distance. To improve your hand-eye coordination, anticipation skills and increase your agility, table tennis is a sport for you!

So what exactly can your brain and body learn from such a quick sport. Check out the video below with William Henzell, Oceania's top player of all time and his former teammate Trevor Brown!