Sunday 5 June 2016

7 Reasons Why Table Tennis is Good for The Body and Mind!

When people say table tennis or ping pong, some people might not associate physical activity with it. Some people might think a table tennis player 'just stands there and hits a ball'. In most levels of the sport (and it is a sport), that's far from the case. Here are 10 super reasons why table tennis is becoming a more popular sport for the body and mind!

1. It's a Reflex Sport!
Table Tennis is one of the world's fastest reaction sports, dealing with speed, spin and forces of immense levels over short measures of time and distance. To improve your hand-eye coordination, anticipation skills and increase your agility, table tennis is a sport for you!

So what exactly can your brain and body learn from such a quick sport. Check out the video below with William Henzell, Oceania's top player of all time and his former teammate Trevor Brown!

2. It Earns the Title of World's Best Brain Sport
Table Tennis has been proven in Japanese clinical studies to work 5 different parts of the brain all at the same time, thus earning it the title of World's Best Brain Sport. It has been shown to improve the condition of sufferers of Alzheimer's and Dementia.

You can see more information in this link here:
Researchers Find Ping Pong Can Reduce Effect of Alzheimer's and Dementia

3. It's a Great Workout at Any Age
One of the most attractive things about table tennis is it's accessibility. Almost anyone can play the sport. It can be played at many paces allowing for all manner of players to compete and practice with each other. It's a good calorie burner and gets your pulse rate going, while being great fun and social!

Australia's Dorothy De Low 
Dorothy De Low was perhaps one of the most infamous veteran players, having only picked up the paddle at 50 years of age and still competing past the age of 100. A true legacy that in ping pong, age is no barrier.

4. A Great Non-Contact Workout which Heightens the Senses!
Table Tennis is a good sport for those not looking to throw each other around or end up eating turf. It's a complex sport which requires great problem solving, analysis and tactical prowess. Not only that but it heightens the senses of sight and - believe it or not - sound too!

You can see some more complexities of the sport in this video from ESPN with US Olympian Erica Wu!

5. Reduces Stress and Improves Social Skills
Stress is a contributing factor of many health problems both physical and mental. Most table tennis clubs, gyms and even garages/basements offer a relatively social and stress free environment for you to enjoy a game.

Table Tennis attracts all kinds of different people all around the world so finding a social group to fit into isn't too hard either!

6. It's a Fantastic Para Sport!
Table Tennis has become a household name for athletes with disabilities, from amputees to athletes in wheelchairs. Table Tennis is a great outlet for physical rehabilitation and for fierce sporting competition without any exceptions. The list of inspirational para players is so long I wouldn't know where to start. Here are a couple of videos!

Ibrahim Hamato - Plays Table Tennis with his Mouth

David Wetherill - Amazing London Paralympics Table Tennis Shot

7.Perfect for Balance and Agility
Coordinating your movement with visual receptors is no easy task. Here is where people fail to see table tennis as an athletic sport. There is a lot of quick and explosive movement in table tennis. During a point a player is constantly on their toes and while moving from ball to ball must maintain perfect balance in order to execute strokes and move for the next ball.

If you wanted a racket sport to associate with Ninjutsu then Table Tennis is it!

So why wait, improve your speed, reflexes, senses, brain function and much more with this incredibly versatile sport. No matter what your physical or mental condition or your age, the door is open for everyone!

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