Friday, 20 May 2016

Rio Set to Stage a True Clash of Titans: Ma Long vs. Zhang Jike

It's a moment in time we will all eagerly be waiting for. The battle which has really defined great table tennis in this generation. Ma Long vs. Zhang Jike. It was a match we always hoped to see when the two fought head to head in World Tour, Asian Championships and World Cup Finals on numerous occasions. The two best players in the world going up against each other.

ITTF recently posted online that Ma Long and Zhang Jike were the two Chinese players confirmed to be entered in the Singles event for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. This presents an opportunity for a truly epic battle. The two best players in the World on the biggest stage of all.

Titans Set for Rio Singles

A Dream Finally Realised for Mexico's Marcos Madrid!

The Road to Rio is one Mexico's Marcos Madrid will likely never forget in his lifetime. Why you may ask? Because he succeeded in his biggest career goal after falling at the final hurdle on numerous occasions in the past. This year he overcame the odds and will compete in his first Olympic Games. Marcos is a friendly and humble athlete who works incredibly hard, it has been my pleasure to spend some time with him in a handful or tournaments and I'm thrilled that he has reached this goal, he is very deserving of it! Congratulations Marcos! :)

Marcos Madrid on qualifying for Rio

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Table Tennis Could Face An Increased Net Height!

At the recent World Championships there were a number of meetings between the ITTF Board, delegates and other entities like the ETTU. One agenda which ITTF has had over many years now is to make the sport more 'spectator friendly' by constantly trying to slow the game down and make it easier to follow. The latest in the line of discussion is increasing the height of the net which would mean players have to play with more safety and higher trajectory, marginally slowing the shots and rallies down.

Table Tennis Could Face Increase in Net Height

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

MHTT Training Video Blog: Days 5 and 6

The routine is going strong and I'm getting the videos shorter and more focused around single drills and activites. I'd love any feedback you have, you can do that via email to or on any of my social media platforms! :) Here are the training schedules and commentaries for Days 5 and 6!

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Day #5:

Monday, 9 May 2016

MHTT Training Video Blog: Days 3 and 4

So as part of my updates for each 2 days video entries, I will also be including the schedule which I have completed for the whole day. Especially now that I am shortening the videos down and narrowing the focus to a couple of key points. I will also be including my summary of how I performed in some drills or exercises also! :)

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Day #3:

Friday, 6 May 2016

MHTT Training Video Blog Kicks Off

Hi guys. For the last couple of months since getting sick (with my autoimmune disorder) after the World Championships in Malaysia, my table tennis has no been the same. Not even close in fact. I started practicing slowly and then more regularly a few weeks ago but my game and matchplay are in a terrible state. So I set about planning my resurrection and figured I may as well create some kind of video diary, so here it is.

For the first ten days I will be making a video blog of each day. After that I will make an update every 3-4 days and we will see how long it stretches on for, hopefully I can stick with it if there is a big enough interest.

So here is Day #1

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Table Tennis Coaching's Dynamic Duo: Interview with Jeff and Alois (PingSkills)

PingSkills has become a household name online for creating quality content to help people of all levels to improve and develop their table tennis skills. The dynamic duo of Alois Rosario and Jeff Plumb have been providing knowledge, learning, humour and entertainment to the table tennis community. It was my privilege to interview these two outstanding gentlemen from down near my corner of the globe. Thanks to you both! :) Make sure you visit to see all their fantastic content and check them out on YouTube: Pingskills Channel.

You can check out more interviews with other top players, legends, coaches and stars of the sport at the Interview Page.

PingSkills Alois (left) and Jeff (right)