MHTableTennis brings you interviews from the top international table tennis players and personalities from around the World! So here it is, by Category, all of the interviews on

Professional Player Interviews from MHTableTennis

Former World Number 1's and TT Legends
China's Grand Slam Table Tennis Sensation - Ding Ning
An Interview With China's Golden Olympian - Li Xiaoxia
Inside the Life of A Chinese National Team Player - Guo Yan
Sweden's Golden Era Legend - Jorgen Persson
Europe's Table Tennis King - Timo Boll
World's Best Modern Defender - Joo Sae Hyuk
Undying Passion for World Champion Academy Master - Werner Schlager
Korean National Coach Bringing Olympic Champion Spirit - Ryu Seung Min
Leading Germany to Europe's Pinnacle - Jorg Rosskopf
A Response From a Legend of the Sport - Vladimir Samsonov
Post Olympic Interview I - Vladimir Samsonov
Table Tennis' Great Fighter - Jean Michel Saive
Karlsson Holds Hope For Another Swedish Number 1 - Peter Karlsson
Prause Fuelling the European Dream - Richard Prause

Top 100 Players
Brazil's Standout Champion is Pushing the Boundaries - Hugo Calderano
Pride of Africa - Quadri Aruna
No Stopping for the Goal-Driven, Tiago Apolonia's Operation London - Tiago Apolonia
Romania's Junior Champion Builds for High Goals - Bernadette Szocs
Europe's Top Olympic Qualifier Sets Scope on Paris - Joao Monteiro
Romania's Table Tennis Hero - Adrian Crisan
Post Olympic Interview II - Adrian Crisan
India's Finest Aims Back to Top 40 - Sharath Achanta Kamal
Sweden Aims to Get Back on Par - Par Gerell
Olympic Hots Nation's Rising European Star - Liam Pitchford
Post WTTC Live Interview - Liam Pitchford
Young Star Rises in the United States of Ping Pong - Lily Zhang
Post Olympic Interview III - William Henzell
Henzell On the Home Stretch To Olympic Qualifiers - William Henzell
Portugal's Olympian Prepares for London - Marcos Freitas
Ukraine's Gem Eyes Up Euro Gold - Margarita Pesotska
No Pain, No Gain - Thomas Keinath
Successor In the Wings For Germany's Top Spot - Patrick Baum
Greece's Defensive Titan - Gionis Panagiotis
Killerspin Krew Interview I - Georgina Pota
Franziska Heads to New Heights - Patrick Franziska
Former European Youth Champ Aims For Higher Pinnacle - Patrick Franziska

International Players
Adidas Powerhouse on Top of Denmark - Jonathan Groth
USA's Youngest Champ Aims for Last Train to London - Michael Landers
Romania's Rising Champion - Hunor Szocs
Australia's Paralympic Inspiration - Melissa Tapper
Ping Pong Passion Meets Ping Pong Fashion - Sarah Her-Lee
Brazil's Champion on Comeback For London - Thiago Monteiro
Sweden's Rocky Balboa of Table Tennis - Hampus Soderlund
Hungary's National Champion Sets Scope on World - Krisztina Ambrus

Table Tennis Players and Personalities
The Real BiBa Fever is in Table Tennis - BiBa Golic
Get Your Game Face On - Dora Kurimay
Ticks Across The Board - Carmencita Alexandrescu
A Trio of Answers From Vegas' Hottest Act - The Alexandrescus
US Comeback Queen - Kim Gilbert
Another Excessive Celebration of Table Tennis - Adam Bobrow

Novelty/Various Player Questions
Pre-Match Preperations: For Lucks Sake
What Comes After 10-0?
What Makes The Chinese So Dominant - The Pros Speak Out
WTTC 2014 Player Highlights
Setting the Bar High for WTTC

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