Saturday 26 November 2011

A Trio of Answers from Vegas' Hottest Act

I decided to up the stakes with this one, the interviews were getting a bit too uniform for me and I wanted the chance to get a bit more creative. One trio of amazing young ladies I knew would certainly participate in my fun are Carmencita, Luoana and Cynthia Alexandrescu who have just asserted themselves in the public arena with this new page on facebook HERE. Thanks ladies for taking the time to answer some of my more intruiging questions so we can all get to know you a bit better!

Full Names:

- Carmencita Doinita Alexandrescu
- Luoana Johanna Alexandrescu
- Cynthia Jessica Alexandrescu

Dates of Birth:

- June 25 , 1968 - Carmencita
- October 17 , 1991 - Luoana
- December 30 , 1997 - Cynthia

Luoana, Carmencita and Cynthia
Please check out

Im interested to here from Luoana and Cynthia first for this question. Whats the attraction to table tennis? For girls your age there are so many opportunities for other things, sporting, musical and cultural, what makes table tennis number one for you guys?

- Luoana: My attraction to table tennis is watching my mom play and seeing how happy this sport makes her. It’s good exercise, great way to keep yourself in shape while you are having fun , and make lots of friends all over the world.

- Cynthia: My attraction to table tennis is the nice outfits, equipments , and fame. Table Tennis is number one for me because it’s a very challenging sport , different and unique than other sports.

You guys have recently been involved in some table tennis events in different places. What has been your favourite table tennis event so far, whether a publicity or competitive event?

Our favorite event was the World Championship of Ping Pong held in our city Las Vegas February 2011, which aired on Fox Sports and local sports channels in over 800 million homes around the world. We had the chance to spend time with some of the top players from all around the world. It was lots of FUN and fantastic experience ! Check out the site here.

This is a clip from the World Championships of Ping Pong 2011 with some celebrity umpires ;)

More photos from the event of the players and of course the star umpires

Whos the best player in the family? Are you guys quite competitive among yourselves or are you just happy to be there playing against each other for fun?

- Luoana &Cynthia: Our mom, Camy  is the best player in the family. We have a table and play at home sometimes. We play for fun but after a couple points we start getting into our competitive mode. Especially in doubles against our mom and our dad Adrian who is an ex-professional soccer player but loves to play table tennis!

Where is your guys favourite place to dine out together?

It’s hard to choose especially in Las Vegas there are endless of places to go eat,  but we enjoy a lot of Thai & Japanese Restaurants.

How cool is it to live in Vegas, I mean that place goes off I saw some of your Halloween photos and everything is so intense there. What do you guys do for fun on weekends etc?

Las Vegas is a crazy exciting city! For fun we usually hang out with our friends and go walking and shopping on the Las Vegas Blvd ( Strip ) or watch some Vegas shows. Also sometimes we play table tennis on the weekend and after go out to eat or watch a movie with our Table Tennis friends. Vegas always has interesting events going on where we are invited to, and enjoy different types of experiences.

The Girls turn Dolls for Halloween 

If each of you could choose a celebrity (actor, musician etc) man of your dreams who would it be?

- Carmencita:  Paul Walker ;)
- Luoana: Taylor Lautner <3
- Cynthia: Hayden Christensen <3

Who is your favourite table tennis player on the international stage and why?

- Carmencita: Jean-Michel Saive , he always was my favorite player and good example not just table tennis but life in general that it’s never too late , never give up , and keep fighting for what you love !

- Luoana: Timo Boll is my all time favorite player , I love his backhand and enjoy watching his games. I also like Dimitrij Ovtcharov , he has a very unique signature serve and has lots of potential to be number one in the future!

- Cynthia: Michael Maze is my favorite player because no matter what injury he has he always fights to play the sport he loves and  also because he is a unique cool player with awesome tattoos :D

Where do you want table tennis to take you in the future do you have big goals or is it just something you would like to be a part of regardless of your level of play?

- Carmencita: I would love to go forward with what I started, to coach the present and future generation, and to be more involved in different international events relating table tennis. One big goal is to have my own unique International Table Tennis Academy with coaches and players from different countries!

- Luoana: I wish I started playing Table Tennis when I was younger. But at the time I liked soccer a lot and my dad took me to play on his team he was coaching. Now I regret not starting earlier. I took Table Tennis serious about two and a half years ago after I graduated from High School and had more free time on my hands. My goal is to make my USATT rating higher, keep coaching the little kids at ITTF Hot Spot ICC Table Tennis Club in Milpitas, to be involved in different events around the world regarding Table Tennis , and to keep going forward with my studies to have a good future and help my family !

- Cynthia: One of my big goals is to make it to the national team. I started taking Table Tennis serious about two years ago , which is not a very long time. But I will practice hard and try my best to reach my goal !

CLC Trio at the National Air Show Recently

 Ok lets have some fun now. For each of these, I want all three of you to answer separately. Write down the first word that comes to mind for each of the words I write below :P

Ok first one, when I say....
You say:
-Luoana: Pong

You say:
-Carmencita: Freedom
-Luoana: Bahamas
-Cynthia: Getaway

You say:
-Carmencita: Ferrari
-Luoana: Ferrari
-Cynthia: Ferrari

You say:
-Carmencita: Happiness
-Luoana: Dance
-Cynthia: Dancing

Table tennis:
You say:
-Carmencita: Love
-Luoana: Paddle
-Cynthia: Sport

Ping Pong's Best Looking Family!
Ok scenario time, these are fun and great for insight into character and the way people think :P
Each of you give a short answer and be creative!

Scenario 1:
You are trapped in a burning building and have in your bag a can of deodorant, a table tennis bat, a sports towel, a bottle of water and a pair of table tennis shoes. How do you escape?!

- Carmencita: To escape I put on my table tennis shoes so I wont slip and fall , then pour water on my sports towel which I use to cover my mouth, I spray deodorant by my nose so I don’t smell the smoke and I cover my head with the table tennis paddle. This is my escape plan :D

- Luoana: The way I would try and escape is I put my table tennis shoes on, put the towel over me , hold the paddle to my face. That way my feet, body, and face will be protected. I run through the fire out the door, use the water to stop my towel from getting all on fire and last but not least use the deodorant to smell good and fresh like nothing happened ;D

- Cynthia: My escape plan is first of all I don’t use the deodorant because it’s flammable , I use my table tennis shoes so I wont slip or step on glass, I use my sports towel to cover my mouth so I wont inhale smoke and to roll over the fire without burning my self. Then I use the bottle of water to stop mini fire traps on my way out and the paddle to knock down doors! That’s my escape plan :D

Scenario 2:
You are caught at the table tennis stadium on Valentines Day and someone gives you a gift, feeling like you should give something in return and using table tennis equipment only, what do you make for them? :P

- Carmencita: I would put together 8 Orange Butterfly 3 star table tennis balls ;D arrange like a heart with Butterfly glue , because it sticks really good togetherJ Then draw on the table tennis balls little hearts and my signature …… Happy Valentine’s Day <3

- Luoana: On a table tennis paddle one side I will make the shape of a heart with table tennis balls and on the other side I cut out pieces of Red Tenergy 05 rubber and spell out : Happy Valentine’s Day ;)

- Cynthia: I would make a customized paddle with their name on it and paint it their favorite color. I would also give them chocolates shaped as table tennis balls <3

The lovely ladies feature in this artpiece by Mike Mezyan

Scenario 3:
Somebody embarrasses you in public and you have the chance to get them back in front of lots of people. You have a bucket of water, a weak firework with matches, a chocolate cake and a raw steak. Go get em! What do you do?
- Carmencita: I don’t use any of the tools I have all I do is … I turn and leave !

Luoana: I stuff the raw steak in the yummy chocolate cake and use the weak firework as a candle. I use the matches to light up the cake and then the cake explodes all over the persons face. Then I take the bucket with water and pour it all over the person to help clean up the damage >:p

- Cynthia: If someone embarrassed me in public and I tried to get them back , I would throw water at the person first , then I would throw raw bloody steak on their face , and then smudge chocolate cake all over them ! ;D

Thanks for the time ladies!

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