Friday 14 January 2011

Ping Pong Punishment!

What happens when two table tennis players come together, one wanting to lose some more weight and one personal trainer with a passion for punishment? Well, see for yourself. This is how me and National Paralympic Coach John Tuki trained over Summer in Tauranga, it is brutal but is a highly recommendable way of training for both mental focus and physical maintenance.

 Getting warmed up for the Clash!

First Blood! Me balancing on one foot to try and retrieve a smash at the boundary!

Punishment Time! Did someone drop a set? Press ups Tuki quick smart!

More press ups, more punishing ones this time :P

All comes back to bite you. 2 mins and 20 seconds of unflinching Roman Chair, whilst being flurried across my core zone and under armpits. Didn't stop me from winning the next set though, payback time!

Bamboo cane always did the trick back in the days ;)

It looks painful but I seriously recommend it as a method of training, I really enjoyed it and will be looking forward to returning to it again this summer. Thanks to John, Belinda and of course Layla for capturing these moments :)