Thursday 31 January 2019

Brazil's Standout Champion is Pushing the Boundaries: Interview with Hugo Calderano

Hugo Calderano is a name making waves event after event on the ITTF World Tour. The 22 year old sensation from Brazil constantly exceeds expectations, now having reached a pinnacle world ranking of 6th, the first Latin American player ever to reach the world's top 10.

Ahead of this weekend's ITTF Pan American Cup, where he is top seed in the Men's Singles, I had a chance to do a brief interview with him - my first blog interview since early 2017! Enjoy!

Hugo Calderano at the 2019 Hungary Open
Photo Courtesy of ITTFWorld

Sunday 20 January 2019

Receiving Heavy Spin Serves in Table Tennis

Received a great request to discuss in a little more detail the topic of returning serves with heavy spin. Of course I will try and focus on as many different examples as possible to give a broad overview of the various scenarios you may have to face.

Fan Zhendong Serving
Courtesy of ITTFWorld

Friday 18 January 2019

What Are Your Options When You Are Out of Position in a Point

Positioning is a vital part of table tennis, fast footwork and anticipation - getting to where we need to be in the blink of an eye to stay in the game. Coaches are constantly pushing their students to get in position, balance and use weight transfer - but what about the contingencies? What should a player do when they are caught out of position?

Hugo Calderano out of position
Photo Courtesy of ITTFWorld