Saturday 8 March 2014

Franziska Heads to New Heights

Patrick Franziska has been one of the big movers in the German National Team in 2014, leading Fulda Maberzell TTC to the top position currently in the German League's First Division and also jumping to his highest world ranking yet at number 33. I spoke to Patrick about his new ranking and the German League, as well as his signing for next season with Borussia Dusseldorf. You can follow Patrick on his Facebook Fan Page HERE.

Patrick Franziska rises to WR33

How do you feel about your new World Ranking of 33rd? Do you have a goal for 2014?

I'm happy that I reached 33rd, it's my highest ranking so far but of course I want to go higher, top 30 maybe top 25. It gets harder the higher I go up.

Are you happy to be joining Borussia Dusseldorf in the next season of the German League?

Yes! I'm very happy to play in one of the best clubs in Europe. But for now I will focus on my last games in Fulda and try to beat Dusseldorf one more time ;)

How have you results been with Fulda this season?

We are first in the league now, we only lost one match so far in the season. I'm playing my best season with a 13:3 win ratio.

Some people are calling you the next Timo Boll, how do you feel about that?

It's a big pleasure for me but Timo is a big talent and maybe we won't see a player like him in the next 50 years I think. He has so much feeling for the ball and the game. I just focus on my own game and practice hard to reach my goals.

Franziska will represent Germany at WTTC 2014 in Tokyo

Will you be playing in the World Championships for Germany this year? Do you have a goal for the team?

Yes I will play. We want to make the final again. It will be very hard because the Asian countries have really good teams but we will try to keep them behind us and of course we try to give China a hard fight!

Who would you say is the hardest player for you in the German League?

Timo Boll because he plays so safe and is just a world class player.

How do you feel about playing Chinese players at the moment in competition?

They play unbelievably fast and it's hard to beat them, but as you can see at the Qatar Open this year, it is possible to beat them if you believe you can win.

What is it that keeps you going, that helps you to train day after day and to compete?

It's the goal I want to reach. I want to be a world class player and that is only possible with hard training day after day.

Patrick takes on Chuang Chih-Yuan in his most recent World Tour
in the round of 16 at the Qatar Open 2014.

Thank you so much Patrick, best of luck to you and Fulda for the rest of the season and we look forward to seeing you in action in Tokyo at the World Team Championships!!! :)

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