Tuesday 18 March 2014

Who Will Win the 2014 New York Table Tennis Open?

Although table tennis is a popular sport in many countries, especially in America (where there is even a governing body for Team USA - the USATT) it is still not a sport that is covered to any great extent by the big online bookmakers. There is a serious interest in the sport, as can be witnessed by the numbers of people who choose to enter the big tournaments each year, but at the moment the betting sites do not reflect that interest. This makes it harder for those who wish to place wagers on who will win the likes of the Rochester, New York Table Tennis Open to do so.

This particular tournament, which takes place between the 7th and 9th of March at the Rochester Sports Garden, is one of the bigger American table tennis tournaments. For those who are able to find bookies offering table tennis gambling markets, the likes of Ray Mack - who claimed two wins at the 2013 US Nationals, held in Las Vegas - are likely to be amongst the hot favourites to win it. However, given how tough it is to find places to put bets on it, or even odds information, some table tennis fans who also like betting, might find it simpler to play a slots game instead.

The five-reel video slot game 'Tennis Stars' at JackpotCity may be based on the grass court version of tennis, rather than the table type, but a 5000-coin jackpot represents roughly 5000 reasons for even the most hardened of table tennis aficionados to give it a spin. The chances are they will also enjoy all the other bonuses provided with this game, such as the additional Championship round and the unlimited free games that can be secured by scoring three of the gold trophy wil symbols - meaning you could end up scoring an ace of a payout. You can also play it at a mobile casino, making it convenient - unlike trying to bet on the New York Table Tennis Open.

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