Wednesday 10 April 2013

An Interview with China's Golden Olympian, Li Xiaoxia

Well, this is a triumph. To have the chance to interview a Chinese player is a huge task and a huge honour, but to have the opportunity at the same time to interview an Olympic Champion and a 3 time WTTC singles medallist is amazing. So here it is, direct from the reigning Olympic Champion herself! My interview with Li Xiaoxia :)

Full Name: Li Xiaoxia
Age: 25
Date of Birth: 16th January
Nation Represented: China
Highest World Ranking: 1

Olympic Gold Medallist: Li Xiaoxia

Blade: Double Happiness Hurricane Xia
FH Rubber: Hurricane 3
BH Rubber: Nittaku Refoma

How old were you when you started playing table tennis?
I started playing table tennis when I was just 7 years old.

What has been the highlight of your table tennis career so far?
Winning the Olympic Gold medal at the 2012 London Olympic Games. This was always one of my biggest dreams, so it is definitely the highlight.

What is your next big goal for table tennis?
My next goal is to achieve another big dream, to win the World Championships. So my goal is to win WTTC in Paris in one month's time.

Congratulations on winning the Olympic Games! How did it feel to have an Olympic Gold Medal around your neck after winning the final?
I was very excited and of course very grateful, thank you to everybody for their support, especially to my coach, without him I wouldn't be here today.

A proud moment for Li Xiaoxia and China
Crowned Olympic Champion 2012

You have won 3 World Championships singles medals, 2 silver and 1 bronze. Do you feel you still have a chance to win a WTTC singles Gold Medal?
My dream is always to be Olympic Champion and World Champion. I won the Olympic Games, I believe now I can have a good chance to win the World Championships.

Who do you think is the best women's table tennis player of all time? Many would say Deng Yaping or Zhang Yining, what do you think?
Deng Yaping.

You spend most of your time training quite intensely in the Chinese National Squad, do you have much time to see your friends and family during the year too?
I really don't have much time to see my friends and family. Most of my time is spent with my coach and my teammates, only the Chinese New Year holiday time I get maybe 4 or 5 days to see my family and friends. Very sad, right?

Which country around the world has been your favourite to travel to in your table tennis career?
England, because I win my gold medal there ;)

What do you like to spend your free time doing?
When I'm free I like to go shopping or spend time talking to my family and friends. As long as I spent time with family it doesn't matter what we do. I just love my family that's all.

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Some footage from the Semifinals of the Olympics featuring Li Xiaoxia


  1. An excellent interview, more of this is needed to publicise our sport
    Barry Meisel

  2. grest intenrvew! good job matt! your just getting better and better at this!

    Mike Mezyan

    1. I'm looking forward to seeing where else I can go :D

  3. Thankyou, Nev in Myrtleford Victoria Australia, we ate starting a new table tennis club here, very exciting !

  4. Great article m8, congrats ! Nev.


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