Wednesday 17 April 2013

Adidas Tenzone Ultra - The Top Secret Revealed

I was fortunate enough to acquire some Tenzone Ultra from Adidas Table Tennis New Zealand, after having tried the P5, P7, Tenzone and Tenzone SF, I was eager to see what the so-labelled 'Top Secret' rubber was like.

Adidas Top Secret - Tenzone Ultra

Essentially the Tenzone Ultra is a firmer version of Tenzone regular. Not being a huge fan of harder rubber varieties it was difficult for me to review. If I had to make a comparison I would say it lies somewhere between a Tenergy 05 and a Hurricane III rubber. It definitely has a set-list of strengths and weaknesses.

The Tenzone Ultra is a third ball rubber I felt, it's great for making a snappy and fast paced third ball opening attack and can be used to hit some thundering attacking balls. It has a very crisp sound to it, much like a flat ball shot. It is not as fast as the Tenzone and Tenzone SF in the sense that those rubbers give a lot of rubber and sponge reactiveness. The Tenzone Ultra doesn't have the same spring in it as the other two rubbers.

I found Tenzone Ultra was very good for service and backspin play. A good firm long push was very spinny and it was also great for short play. Blocking was adequate though being used to a soft rubber I did find it a bit difficult at times as it didn't have the spring that I am used to.

I think really the strength of Tenzone Ultra lies in good service and receive and a strong 3rd ball attack. It is a nice rubber to use and I think a lot of players with an attacking game would appreciate it, especially those used to firmer rubber varieties.


  1. I've tested out Tenzone Ultra in its top secret phase and I disagree that it is not as fast as Tenzone and Tenzone SF. I feel it's faster and provides more higher end power for those players that are power hitters. I agree it is not as good as the TZ and TZ SF for blocking off the bounce, but for FH rallies and BH off the bounce it provides a lot more than TZ or TZ SF.

  2. It just didn't feel right to me, it seemed a little less responsive. I felt it was faster on the 3rd ball opening than the other two, but not so much in loop to loop etc.


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