Wednesday 22 January 2014

MHTT Ping Pong Runway #5: Luoana Alexandrescu

Luoana Alexandrescu, Romanian blood, born in Belgium and now a Brand Ambassador for the Hakkasan Night Club at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, USA. Sharing her passion for table tennis with her sister, Cynthia and mother, Carmencita (a certified table tennis coach and umpire), Luoana is without a doubt the most fashionable table tennis ambassador that Las Vegas has to offer.

Luoana Alexandrescu

On the subject of women's table tennis and clothing, Luoana believes that the designs should be tighter and more feminine, not only the same as the men's clothing. In saying this the most important thing in her opinion is that the uniforms are comfortable and female players should wear whatever makes them feel confident. In saying this, she is not so much a fan of dresses in table tennis and prefers skirts or tighter shorts.

Luoana Alexandrescu
Ping Pong Palooza, Sapphire Gentlemen's Club, Las Vegas.
Luoana and her mother Carmencita have regular supported the Ping Pong Palooza at the Sapphire Club in Vegas, an annual event. They also umpired and helped promote the World Championships of Ping Pong when it was held in Las Vegas and are the go-to girls for aiding in the success of any table tennis events in the city.

Luoana loves table tennis because it keeps you mentally sharp and physically in shape and offers benefits to attitude development and also long term health. She says she enjoys the travel and meeting players and making friends from all over the world which is exciting.

Potentially the hottest table tennis family in the world
Can you keep up with the Alexandrescus?
Already Lu is building her presence as a model/actress working as a background actress in commercials, reality TV shows and feature films including 'Think Like a Man Too, Step Up 5 and Sins of Our Youth'. Aside from these opportunities, Luoana also walked the runway for Macy's/Simone I Smith. She said she loved the moment of walking out onto the catwalk to the bright lights and loud music, similarly with photoshoots. She enjoys the 'on top of the world' feeling of being in these situations!

Cynthia, Carmencita and Luoana
Image courtesy of Sam Larab
Aside from the career, Luoana has appeared in photos with Olympic Champion Jiang Jialiang, former Euro champion Michael Maze, rising star Patrick Franziska and a score of top Romanian players including Eliza Samara and Daniela Dodean, the list goes on.

For Luoana the opportunities are endless, not only is she a great lover of the sport, but she is an amazing and strong young woman with lots of ambition and drive and of course a fantastic family to back her up along the way. Thank you so much Luoana for walking the MHTT runway, please check out the Alexandrescu's Facebook page HERE.


  1. When was the last time anyone in their family played table tennis

  2. Just over a month ago. They played with me in Las Vegas :)

  3. Awesome family....great for the sport, and great human beings to be around!


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