Friday 24 January 2014

Commemorating a Centurion Ping Ponger: Dorothy De Low

Sad news just today, the passing of one of veteran Table Tennis' most iconic players and someone who's commitment and passion for table tennis never faded even after the ripe age of 100. Dorothy De Low of Australia was born in 1910 and was considered the oldest table tennis player in the world. Videos of Dorothy playing showed her full of life and energy every time she played.

Dorothy De Low
World's Oldest Table Tennis Player
Rest in Peace

Dot was the oldest volunteer at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, which led to her holding a Guinness World Record and was also the World Senior Champion in 1992. Dorothy passed away this morning at the age of 103 years old, she had vowed that she would continue to play table tennis and she did just that. She is a true inspiration for any player of the game and proves beyond all else, that table tennis is indeed a sport for health and for life. I featured Dorothy as part of my video below which attests to table tennis being a sport for all, old and young, able bodied and disabled, wheelchair players and even very young children. I hope you enjoy it. It is fittingly titled 'No Exceptions' and as we know Dorothy left no room for any of those.

Dorothy leaves behind many friends in the game and hearing about her passing was very sad indeed. Let us all celebrate the life of the world's oldest table tennis player and hope that we can all share some of the life long passion which she instilled in us for our beloved sport.

Rest in Peace Dorothy De Low.

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