Wednesday 22 January 2014

Ping Pong at SiriusXM Radio Inc. in New York City

I had a unique opportunity to check out the workspace at SiriusXM Radio Inc. in New York City today. SiriusXM boasts over 25 million subscribers and is one of the most popular satellite radio channels in the US, particularly in the New York area. I made it up to the 37th floor (where the TT Table was) which I believe may be the top level. This is where the main studios are and I was told that even artists like Eminem and Jamie Foxx have their own studios here for their own radio segments.

One of the press studios at SiriusXM

Turning around from that studio of course I noticed the table tennis table which had the logo printed on it. Having been taken there by a friend from table tennis I was reasonably well prepared for a little hit around, just casually. Ironically a little casual hit drew some attention from the staff and we attracted a small crowd of individuals who wondered who we were. Someone even asked if we were here waiting for a radio appointment or something.

The Table at SiriusXM

So after mucking around for a bit and seeing some of the cool spaces and gadgets in the office (which had a great vibe) we were on our way out. I stopped past an office, recognising one of Buddy Guy's electric guitars and took a quick snap of that too. It was nice to talk to some of the staff who asked where we learnt to play and what we were doing here. They actually had a staff tournament which had been running already for 7 months and I learnt that some of the staff stay there practicing till late! What hard cases! haha

Buddy Guy's Electric Guitar at SiriusXM Radio Inc.
The guys said to give them 6 months to practice and then to come back before they would challenge me, so who knows I might just be back there again in 6 months time. I'd like to time it so I'm there when someone like Katy Perry is in, I think that would work out better ;)

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