Thursday 20 October 2011

World's Fastest Table Tennis Serve?

William Henzell brings footage from the Werner Schlager Table Tennis Training Academy of Japan's young speedy server Asuka Sakai. Check this serve out! Thanks to William for providing the video and this slowed down edit so you can see what sneaky tricks Asuka is up to with this serve.

You can follow William's journey to the Olympics and his training at the WSA on his youtube channel at:

Thanks William and best of luck with the training!
For a link to William's site TTEdge, see the sidebar link to the right.


  1. wow.......nice table tennis blog..:)

    1. Thanks very much :) it's a baby, only 7 months old but I've put a lot of effort into building relationships with top international players and ensuring I put anything of interest to players and readers on here. I update all my posts on fb at:

      So to keep in the loop be sure to like the page ;)


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