Tuesday 7 February 2012

Clash of the Eras: Ma Long vs. Jan-Ove Waldner

Nobody has ever doubted that Waldner is one of, if not THE, greatest player/s of all time. Recently however a rapidly growing support for Ma Long has arisen. Having recently equalled Wang Liqin's record for the greatest number of successive Pro Tour tournament wins, Ma Long has got the world on their feet. Despite his team mate Zhang Jike winning both the World Championships and the World Cup, the fans still sway in Ma Long's favour. So the real question is, is Ma Long a greater player than Jan-Ove Waldner?

Waldner vs. Ma Long

For arguments sake Waldner's history of event's won is much more significant and Ma Long's most major event is the Pro Tour Grand Finals, he hasn't even won a major World event. He does of course have a high probability of an Olympic medal these coming Olympic Games should he be selected. So despite Waldner's reputation as 'the world's greatest ever' does Ma Long have the potential to claim that title?

Waldner's precision and showcase touch around the table inspired generations of players in Europe and around the world. Unique style of play and a talent for spin and ball control. Ma Long captures the essence of speed and power in the game and demonstrates overwhelming dominance in open rallies and ability to attack early in the bounce. So the players although well rounded players, both exhibit some opposites, which makes the debate all the more interesting. Either way I don't think a conclusion will be reached anytime in the near future, though the discussions will be long and fierce between opposing fans. For both groups I've made a video showcasing the genius play of both players side by side!

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  1. This was 2012.in 2020 Ma Long surpassed all records in terms of number of majors won,Pro Tours and head to head as well as winning streaks


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