Friday 24 August 2012

Post-Olympic Interview with Vladimir Samsonov

Once again I had the distinct pleasure of sending off an interview to Vladimir Samsonov after the Olympic Games to see how he felt about the games and his performance there. I tailored in some more specific questions to get a bit more detail on his campaign in London. Thanks again Vladi for continuing to support my blog! :)

How happy were you with your Olympics Campaign overall?

I guess that I sound a bit negative, but I always wanted to win a medal. Hard to imagine that I could do that in 4 years.

You had quite a tight match with William Henzell, what were your thoughts going into the match?

William is a tough opponent. I also watched his match against Monteiro the day before. I knew that his backhand is very dangerous. Of course, I tried to prepare as good as possible.

How did those initial thoughts change during the course of the match?

Both of us had a chance to win every set. I tried to play more to his middle and forehand, tried to find a weak spot in his game. I am not sure whether I succeeded in that. Eventually I just wanted to win the next point.

6-2 down in the 7th is that one of your best time-outs ever? 8 points in a row at the most crucial point in time and at the Olympics!

I think it was 3-5. I do not know what happened after the side change. I think it is just a coincidence, definitely not change of tactics.

How did the match with William prepare you for your next match against Zhang Jike?

Usually, after a such a difficult match you are more relaxed, more confident. I wanted to win very much, but was more exited than nervous, on the contrary, Zhang had a lot of pressure.

You had a 7 set match with the World Number 1, what does that mean for you?

It was one of the best matches I played in a long time, still, after I was out of the competition.

Where do you think chances were lost in that match which could have changed the result?

I easily won the first set and needed a good start in the second; then in the beginning of the sixth set, in the few points I risked too much; also, in the last set, in the 2 long rallies I had to play long line instead of his forehand.

What are your plans now that the Olympics are over?

I am already in Suzhou playing China Open. Whole September is full with competitions.

What was the first thing you said to William after your match against him?

I do not remember, probably, that it was a good match and that I was luckier.

Other Questions:

What was your highlight of being in London?

Winning against William.

Did you attend the opening and closing ceremonies? How were they?

No. I went to the opening in 1996, it takes to much time and energy. Competition comes first.

What was your favourite thing to eat whilst in London competing?

There was too much of everything. I guess miso soup.

Who was your favourite athlete to watch during the games?

Basketball final. (on tv)

Thanks Vladi! :)

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