Sunday 21 October 2012

Malta gets Aerobic with Table Tennis

Steve Rowe's passionate efforts have taken his brain child, Aerobic Table Tennis, all the way across to Malta where it has been welcomed with much enthusiasm. Aerobic Table Tennis has been a great success so far with Steve having altered and modified the programme to make it the best it can be. Promotion for females in our sport has always been necessary and Aerobic Table Tennis is taking us a step closer, by offering a fun and active way to keep fit, while reminding those ladies that table tennis is a fantastic sport for many reasons.

Aerobic Table Tennis

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After being contacted by Joe Borg Cardona, President of the Maltese Table Tennis Association, Steve took on a massive committment. On the 30th August he left the UK after months of developing Aerobic Table Tennis to great success, to continue his mission in Malta. Centering at MITTC in Malta, a top class facility with 15 tables and superb conditions, Steve set upon his partnership to bring Aerobic Table Tennis to MITTC.

With over 1000 girls participating in the programme and a confident estimate of 3000 to participate before Steve departs, ATT has taken off in Malta with soaring reviews. A school recently hosted 250 girls in one session, an outstanding support! See the video below!

A special appearance by Steve on a Maltese Sports Television show. The ATT programme really has had a great reception in Malta. So much so that Steve will return to Malta again in January, where Aerobic TT will be part of a large sports award ceremony with over 8000 guests.

Steve has a global goal for Aerobic Table Tennis and for that to occur he requires the cooperation of clubs and associations around the globe who have an interest in increasing female numbers in table tennis. His next focuses are in India, Greece, back in the UK and of course continuing with his efforts in Malta. Steve has just finished his instructional video featuring French League player Viktoria Lucenkova, this video is in it's final stages and will soon be ready to download online or for purchase by clubs or associations, to begin a global franchise with a uniform format.

Aerobic Table Tennis at a special Breast Cancer Awareness Event in Malta the Queen of the Planet Beauty Contest, it is a great way to provide more publicity for this great movement for our sport, taking place in the town square at Valletta.

Steve is taking ATT from strength to strength, it is a growing movement and one with positive reviews and not a bad word to be heard. He is passionate to the end and will give everything to promote his mission, this I know from speaking to him on countless occasions. Best of luck Steve! 

For more information on Aerobic Table Tennis see or hit the link on my blog sidebar.

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