Tuesday 26 November 2013

My Return to LYTTC

So I thought I'd give you a bit of an update as to where I am! I'm currently in the United States of America. I returned to the Lily Yip Table Tennis Center and have been training my bum off with some really top quality training partners. Getting back into multiball training has been hard but the gym sessions have started and I'm really starting to get back into fighting shape.

A 6 player team from Shandong, China arrived a few days ago and play at an amazing level. Along with the Canadian Junior Girls team they have provided the backbone of a 5 day training camp run at the centre and we were lucky enough to also be joined by 2012 US Olympian, Ariel Hsing. In between training days Ariel also took some time to lead Princeton in winning the NCTTA championship at the club and also showed no fear in taking on the Shandong players in the games.

Tina Lin and Ariel Hsing take on Shandong Players
So in just a few days I head to Washington D.C for the North American Team Championships. The top team from Tianjin, China features former China National Team player, Hao Shuai. The 2nd seeds hail from Fujian and further down the seedings, German National Coach Jorg Rosskopf makes an appearance. It's going to be an amazing tournament so hopefully I can get some kind of coverage there, though I will be focusing on playing for most of the time.

So, enjoying my time here so far. Please take a moment to check out http://www.lilyttc.com/ the homepage of Lily's club. It is an ITTF Hotspot training centre and has a great squad of coaches and training events throughout the year.

I will try and keep the blog up to date the best I can though I'm quite busy at the moment! :)

Ariel Hsing and Matt Hetherington

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