Thursday 11 June 2015

What to Expect at The World's Biggest Ping Pong Pool Party

Friday 10th July will see Table Tennis take the stage in Las Vegas at The World's Biggest Ping Pong Pool Party at The LINQ, you can join the event on Facebook HERE. Uberpong and USA Table Tennis are teaming up to provide a world class social ping pong event in anticipation for the US Open 2015 Finals which will be held at the Omnia Nightclub at Caesar's Palace. The event also times in with the official launch of the new social table tennis community, Pongtopia (follow the link to register with the launching community!)

Amongst all the excitement (yes I RSVP'd instantly), I managed to chat with Uberpong CEO David Lowe who is on a mission to bring table tennis and the world social community together.

Has there ever been an event this awesome before in the sport of table tennis in your opinion?

Absolutely not. This is the 'World's Biggest Ping Pong Pool Party' ever in the world, in the USA. Fact!

What can we expect to see at the event?

There are rumors that I will be wearing a bright orange mankini, ping pong tables on raised platforms in the pool, a DJ and lots of cocktails! It will be the ultimate warmup for the US Open Finals on Saturday.

Uberpong wants to bring the world together through table tennis. This is a celebration of the sport and the people involved in it.

Sounds awesome. What is the capacity of the Linq pool venue, how many people could there be together there?

1500 is the maximum capacity. We want a line around the block to make a statement that ping pong is THE sport to be playing. Let's make it happen!

Is this the start of a new era of social ping pong?

It takes time for people to get into something but as the number of social ping pong clubs and bars with tables increases, people are becoming at ease with going out for an evening of ping pong. I believe that the tipping point is coming and Uberpong is certainly leading this new era of social ping pong. Las Vegas will be the 1st of many events that bring ping pong fans together.

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