Thursday 24 March 2016

How to Improve Your Table Tennis with MHTableTennis

I have been running my blog since July 2011 and it has more recently started to transform and become more directed in terms of content. As I have transitioned more towards a coaching career I have started writing a little more about elements of the game and learning resources than previously where I conducted more interviews and covered international events. So how can you make the most out of my blog? Well here are some helpful pieces of advice if you are looking for tips on improving your table tennis.

Head to the Coaching Blog:

One of the major updates I have made in the last couple of months is to consolidate all of my 'coaching' style articles into one section of the blog and created links between articles so you can browse across a wider range of topics. This can be found by using the 'coaching blog' tab at the top of the blog or by heading there via this link - Coaching Blog

Get the most out of MHTableTennis with these tips!
Ask for Advice:

When I started writing coaching articles I asked readers what issues they were having and tended to write more response style articles to help people improve their game in specific areas. If you are having trouble with more singular problems and would like to see me write about it on my blog then you can reach me through the Contact section in the tabs or send an email to

You can also leave comments on the articles themselves and I will respond usually within 12 hours.

I am usually present online and you can contact me via the MHTableTennis Facebook page also, even if it is just for feedback or a discussion I am always reachable!

Subscribe to the Newsletter:

Granted I haven't been as active with the newsletter as I would have liked but that is all about to change! If you haven't signed up yet make sure you do!


Give Feedback:

Perhaps you would like to see more video content or more topics on the blog. I am always open for feedback and in fact it is vital to the development of this blog. The more feedback I get the better! :)

Read Interviews:

There are a large number of interviews I have conducted with top international players including former World Champions, World Cup Champs and World Number 1s. There are some very interesting insights in some of the interviews, I always believed it was better to try and learn from the best and so I have always tried to create a vital link between the playing lives of professionals and learning players through this blog. You can head to the interview section here - Interviews or via the TAB at the top.


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