Monday 23 March 2020

3 Easy Steps to Learn and Develop the Reverse Pendulum Serve in Table Tennis

Well I'm finally back. 10 days so far in isolation and I managed to haul a table out and clear some space so I can create some useful coaching content. One of the things that I'm really happy about is that I can now prepare some coaching advice on technical aspects of the game, things which I couldn't put into words. I have time to make video given the current world climate. Hope you are all safe and you enjoy my video on the Reverse Pendulum Serve!

Learn the Reverse Pendulum Table Tennis Serve
in just 3 Steps with MHTableTennis
The video centers on three parts: weight transfer, the correct shape of the service motion, and the contact. It doesn't go into complications like which spin and many aspects which confuse from the basic execution. Hope you find it useful, as usual - any question please send to

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