Thursday 14 May 2020

30 Table Tennis Coaching Tutorials in 30 Days from MHTableTennis

I'm on a mission to create 30 coaching tutorial videos in the next 30 days. I started off days 1 and 2 with tutorials on the basic forehand and backhand loop techniques against backspin. Tomorrow I will release a tutorial on the backhand banana flick.

The current situation has left me with no work for the past 2 months, meaning covering my health insurance and medical costs is a new challenge. In an effort to support myself I have opened up an optional donation/contribution platform for anyone who finds these videos useful for their game and may wish to show their support.

You can make a contribution here.

30 Table Tennis Coaching Tutorial Videos in 30 Days
You will be able to find videos covering different table tennis techniques and training methods, as well as some physical and home training routines. On my channel you will also find my first collection of videos in the Service Masterclass series.

Head to my YouTube Channel now to check it out.

You can also reach me at for Zoom/Skype coaching, video analysis or other online coaching options.

I hope you enjoy the content and it helps you all with your game and learning in this wonderful sport. Be safe and best wishes to you all!

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