Tuesday 23 July 2013

Make Your Table Tennis Experience more Intense!

Any sport gets given a little more intensity when there is a quiet wager hanging in the balance and table tennis is no different. I often enjoy using the knowledge I have off results on the World Tour to string risky multibets and enjoy the satisfaction of winning them! If you are new to table tennis betting I recommend you check out this page before you continue - www.intensegambling.com/sports-betting/online/table-tennis as they explain the finer points in more detail than I can here.

Ma Long the World Number 1 in action

The world of table tennis betting has come a long way thanks to the internet and the ability to online stream and make live bets as you watch. Not only that but the coverage of events has grown immensely. Now you can pick your plays all the way from the biggest World events down to the National leagues of Germany, France, Sweden and even the Challenger Series. You can even multibet across events.

My Advice to you:

  • Learn the Players: To be a winner at table tennis betting you need knowledge! Those who follow table tennis results strongly will have the best chances of making top picks, you will know who the players play well against for example Ryu Seung Min and Lee Jung Woo are both less favoured to beat Joo Se Hyuk but because they are his national teammates and the pengrip style has advantages against defensive players, they often come out on top! You can follow all major and minor world results at www.ittf.com
  • Be Wary of China vs. China: Sometimes the odds of china v china matches can be tempting but you need to be careful at times because it can be very difficult to predict the results. In the intensity of competition these close knit teammates have a habit of beating each other without warning. e.g Xu Xin is world number 1 at WTTC but loses to Zhang Jike, Ma Long loses to Wang Hao.
  • Event Differences: Be aware of different events. League results may differ from tournaments, some players like the great J.O Waldner and Zhang Jike may thrive on the big stage but have unsteady results in national league. Also in smaller leagues you need to watch out for the ex-pats. Chinese players in the Swedish league, German league and French league who are not big house names but are still formidable and the odds may not look well in their favour, someone like Wang Jiang Jun or Wang Xi in the German league, both very high level players. So don't underestimate the unknown names, do your research!

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