Sunday 10 August 2014

The Top 10 Places to Play Ping Pong

Thought I'd have a little bit of fun with this one, obviously I cannot claim to have played table tennis in all of these places but if I haven't they are definitely on my wishlist. Let's show the world how versatile table tennis is, because it can almost be played anywhere!

1. In the Swimming Pool
Table Tennis in the water, everyone loves to swim and pools are directly linked with relaxation and vacation. So why not include table tennis in your holiday fun!

Ping Pong in the Pool :)

2. Underwater
Why not take it a step further like the guys at Piing of Power and play table tennis underwater? Are they crazy? To answer in short, yes, crazy for Ping Pong :D Check them out on Facebook: Piing of Power.

Piing of Power's Christian and Joachim playing underwater.

3. In a Nightclub
One place I can say I have ventured, the hub of table tennis meets fun times...SPiN New York. A nightclub fused with ping pong, the ultimate social night out. Now these clubs are appearing all over the globe, but New York is where it's at!

SPiN New York, the ultimate Ping Pong Night Out!
4. In the Work Office
Cut the boredom and start your day with something a little less work oriented by transforming your morning meeting desk into something more exciting!

Screw Meetings. Start your day with Ping Pong!
5. The Helipad at Burj El Arab in Dubai
Well the Chinese National Team have been there and left their mark, we saw golfers tee off here, tennis stars battle it out...then came table tennis to one of the world's most spectacular hotels.

Chinese Table Tennis Team at Burj El Arab
6. On the Beach
Now this is my kind of paradise, a few cocktails, some sun, sand and some table tennis. Is there anywhere this sport can't go?!

Ping Pong on the Beach. Paradise!
7. In a Shopping Mall
This pic was snapped at Market City Mall in Sydney Australia where they hosted a small tournament with the best players in the country for some good prize money. What a spectacle!

Table Tennis in Market City Mall, Sydney, Australia
8. In Your Garage
Where the grassroots of social table tennis holds strong. The man-cave of ping pong. The Garage. Not the most original of places but one you can always come home to, gather friends around, convert to beer pong with ease. So much versatility and character!

Garage Ping Pong, The Real Grassroots.
9. In a Park
A peaceful afternoon outdoors, a great place to locate a concrete table tennis table and have a game? Sure!

Awesome outdoor Table Tennis Table.
10. In a Professional Venue
Where the real fun begins, competitive table tennis has a score of amazing venues around the world for all players, social to competitive, beginner to professional. Check out Uberpong's ultimate Table Tennis Map Guide to find a club near you anywhere in the world! Link Here: Uberpong Map

Bercy Stadium. Home of the 2013 World Championships.
There are many more awesome places you can play table tennis, it's a sport for anywhere and anytime. So get creative and tell me where the best place you've played is!


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  2. The most particular place where I played was a fallout shelter. :)


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