Wednesday 15 October 2014

Why Karakasevic's Backhand Deserves Recognition

Having watched a relatively large quantity of table tennis videos in my time and a few specific ones about the best backhands I decided to write this blog post about one of the more lesser recognised players. I was also reading over something about the top 10 backhand players of all time. Granted these 10 players were all great players, but the backhand of Serbia's Aleksandar Karakasevic in my opinion stands in ability to equal the 10 on the list.

The Power of Backhand Video

Of course Kreanga is noted as the backhand player of the modern age for his wild swings and powerful backhands far from the table. The man is able to counterloop with equal power on both wings. So with such status in the world of backhand, how does Karakasevic stack up with the Greek God of Backhands?

Karakasevic, a worthy backhand player!

Well, if you have ever watched Karakasevic play, many of you may not have, he is all class. Not the most orthodox style in the world but the versatility of his backhand is incredible. The left hander has such an impressive range of options on his backhand. From soft blocking to blocking early in the bounce, counterlooping and punching, slow spinning and third balling.

Not only this but he displays an amazing level of confidence in his backhand, so much so that he has been known to cover a large area of the table with it, even coming well across onto his forehand side to favour his backhand. This is the true definition of a backhand dominant player. There also aren't many players who are comfortable playing full strength counterloop off their backhand side when back from the table. Karakasevic is truly an anomaly player in this regard.

Karakasevic was a European Championships bronze medallist in 2011 and had a highly notable win at the 1997 World Championships where he beat 1996 Olympic Champion Liu Guoliang.

Take a moment to watch the match above where Aleksandar Karakasevic defeated Tiago Apolonia 3-1 in the 2012/2013 Bundesliga season. The number of incredible backhand plays is beyond impressive. Granted the Serbian doesn't have the best physical form or footwork, his touch on the backhand is fantastic.

After seeing this and perhaps some other matches you may choose to agree that Karakasevic is in fact one of the best backhand players of the modern era of table tennis. Would love to hear feedback and opinions on this one! :)


  1. I don't konw why but for me he lacks power althought his backhand is amazing !

  2. I've played him in a match - the spin off his backhand is more vicious than any other world ranked player i have encountered.

  3. Wonder what rubber he uses? It has to be boosted and/or soft. It can't be Tenergy 05 because the arc of his swing is too high for Tenergy. A high throw rubber would send it sailing. Also Tenergy FX doesn't cork that loud. His rubber is REALLY loud.


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