Sunday 26 October 2014

ITTF Fine on Zhang Jike No Less Than Absurd

The ITTF posted after Zhang Jike's victory at the ITTF World Cup stating that the newly crowned champion will not be receiving ANY of the prize money after his less than acceptable victory celebration. After defeating his teammate Ma Long in an incredibly tense 7 set duel, Jike ran to the barriers on each end of the table and kicked them, damaging a few of the barriers.

Zhang Jike fined 45,000 euros for breaking barriers
The ITTF decision is that as punishment Zhang Jike will not receive a cent of his well earned prize money, the sum of 45,000 euros. Even the infamous John MacEnroe who was famous for his outbursts in Tennis was never fined an amount like that and he verbally assaulted umpires and referees and smashed his tennis rackets all the time.

While it is clear that Zhang Jike should be reprimanded somewhat for his actions, this is way beyond the call of duty from ITTF. Considering the pathetic amount of prize money in international table tennis already, 45,000 euros is proportionally an enormous fine (despite how much Zhang Jike may earn himself). So as always we face more amazing (insert sarcasm here) decisions by the international body who are of course deluded enough to believe they are doing the right thing for the sport.

I think a fine of 5,000 euros would have been acceptable. Zhang Jike pulls crowds and supporters and is good for marketing table tennis, this is a grossly overrated punishment. You could say it's the principle but I think it's a little heavy handed. For sure we don't want this kind of action to be displayed in front of young aspiring players or to influence them in their futures and I whole heartedly agree that a punishment is necessary. However...overkill.

Also ask yourself his, if ITTF deem his actions as a bad example and it's worthy of a 45k fine, why have they uploaded the video to their YouTube channel? Hoping for vitality and more ad revenue? If you are willing to fine him all his prize money then don't act to condone his actions by publicizing them further.

Zhang Jike expressed his apologies for the outburst after the match. Please let me know your thoughts on this ridiculous punishment!


  1. ITTF is ridiculous.

  2. Welcome to Germany. Isn't the ITTF president german? Shame on the ITTF! Ridiculous

    1. Doesn't matter which's only the jury and their meaning of sport is waaaay more different i mean
      but at all..some of the worst things ever happened to tt

  3. If Dima or Timo were to commit the same act, do you think they would be punished as so? Dusseldorf after winning the WC. Lol I think not.

  4. it is extreme given the total amount of the prize money. Perhaps 5,000 would have been more appropriate but 45,000 is crazy

  5. Zhang is a mentally retarded idiot and must be banned from playing competitive table tennis in the world and in China.

    He was asked to pack and return to his village after misbehaving during normal training in China, he tore his shirt after defeating Wang Hao and now damaging the sign boards of his sponsor's competitors.

    Liu Guoliang should be sacked for arranging this final in favor of Zhang just because Zhang is under his care and didn't teach him proper sport etiquette and his despicable actions are against the 5,000 year old Chinese culture and every Chinese on Earth is feeling ashamed of his stupid actions!

    There many many Chinese players better than Zhang Joker and why must Liu Guoliang picks on him?

  6. Ridiculously large fine for table table. Fans like to see emotion. His was misdirected but ultimately good for the sport. Not sure what they were thinking.

  7. Way disproportionate fine.

  8. Should be fined $500, 000 euros!! Why stop at $50, 000?? Also ban him for life from competing. Oh the idiocy of the iitf. Table tennis playets make peanuts as it is.

  9. No sport in the world would hammer such a heavy blow. Everyone knows Zhang Jike was relieved after the win and over-excited for his accomplishment. The celebration outburst was unintentional. ITTF should return his prize money minus appropriate amount for his unfortunate action at that moment. ITTF should not treat players like a little kid.

  10. ITTF's decision is too harsh, the whole world is waiting for changes for what they made, it's not too late.


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