Monday 23 February 2015

Aruna Struggles on World Tour With Empty Bench

The success of Quadri Aruna in 2014 was unparalleled, resulting in his receipt of the ITTF Star Awards for Best Male Player and Best Point of 2014. Following his impressive ranking increase of over 150 places to the edge of the top 30 players in the world, the pressure to perform is stronger than ever.

ITTF Star Quadri Aruna
In the Kuwait Open ITTF World Tour Event 2015, Aruna was defeated by his Portugese league teammate Joao Geraldo, ranked outside the top 100 players in the world. Following in Qatar he faced a tough matchup against Bojan Tokic and also suffered defeat. Aruna says it is difficult to play alone and the support from a coach in his corner could help him perform at a much higher level.

At the 2014 World Cup, Aruna had been fortunate enough to have the support of German Coach, Martin Adomeit. Now he finds himself in need of that support and is finding it difficult to get the support he needs to fund a coach to travel with him.

"Playing without a coach makes life difficult, it's going to be great if I can have a good coach behind my back in upcoming tournaments. The support of German coach Martin Adomeit made a great difference during the World Cup in Dusseldorf, Germany" Aruna comments on his situation. As you can read in my interview, Pride of Africa Takes The World By Storm, there is a difficulty in getting support from the Nigerian Table Tennis Federation as the sport is not majorly funded there.

Aruna is working tirelessly to try and secure further sponsorship to enable a coach to travel with him to important events. He is fortunate enough to be backed by Sengled for 2015 and by Equipment Giant Joola, but is seeking support for a travelling coach. As an embodiment of the fighting spirit of table tennis, an entertaining rallier and an outstanding performer he is a player we want to see succeeding on the world stage!

For any prospective sponsorship information or offers you can contact his official Facebook Page: Quadri Aruna

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  1. He played impressively last year, like a dark hurricane!
    Hope he can find a good coach soonly!


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