Sunday 18 October 2015

Ma Long Sets Wheels in Motion to Equal Grand Slam Record

Ma Long claimed victory in Halmstad, Sweden this evening at the 2015 ITTF World Cup. In doing so he acquired the second piece to potentially hold the Grand Slam simultaneously, a feat only achieved once before by his team mate Zhang Jike.

Joining the ranks of the Grand Slam winners would be sweet but to hold all 3 titles together would be an even greater career achievement for Ma Long and tonight he showed us again why he is on track to potential achieve that goal and become and Olympic Gold Medallist.

After the China Open in August I wrote about Ma Long's chances in Rio begging the question, could he be the favourite at the event? Read More.

Ma Long is 2015 World Cup Champion
Ma Long is on a stellar run, having won the World Championships, China Open and World Cup all in 2015. Given his current form he is looking strong for Rio. Fan Zhendong is seemingly under his thumb at major events after his two 4-0 thrashings at WTTC and in the World Cup final tonight. Zhang Jike is having the biggest form slump of his career and Xu Xin is trailing behind a little.

Now more than ever, Ma Long is the standout player of dominance. If he should win in Rio the wait for Ma Long fans would be over for the Grand Slam which we always thought he deserved since his first world champs in 2009. We can only hope his amazing form continues!

2015 China Open Final
Ma Long vs. Xu Xin

So where does your allegiance lie? Can Zhang Jike recover to pose a threat to the Olympic Crown? Can Fan Zhendong recover from his average performances in his early major experiences? Can Xu Xin rise to the occasion and claim the 2nd singles spot given the current situation?

Still many questions remain! What are your thoughts?

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  1. ZJK is injured, his career is finished, as is LI Xiao Xiao. sad, but those Chinese champions push their bodies too hard..
    the Chinese team will be MA Long, XU Xin, and FAN Zhendong.
    ZJK, FANG Bo,and YAN An will be missing ! they could beat any non-Chinese !


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