Wednesday 13 April 2016

New Look for Table Tennis' Hottest Social App: PongUniverse Gets a New Look!

PongUniverse is the passionate work of Andrew and Barb Williams who set out on a mission to bring the players around the world together with a unique social app. As a result of sacrifice and hard work, PongUniverse was born. You can use the website at or download the app here: Download Now and become a part of a great and growing social network of table tennis fans, players, coaches and more. I took a moment to review the revamped and fresh looking updated app and site!

PongUniverse, the World's Top Table Tennis Social App

So let's talk about the new features of the PongUniverse app! By the way if you haven't got on board with it yet you really need to check it out. You can follow PongUniverse on instagram @ponguniverse or on their Facebook page here: PongUniverse on Facebook.

The first improvement is a vastly cleaner and easier to navigate home feed. It's wider, the links and pictures are clearer and it's less cluttered. The notification buttons are at the top and more navigations are hidden on the left sidebar which can be brought up from the top corner. 

Similarly the website has also upgraded the home feed and website design to a much more professional layout with a streamlined feed of posts with useful links on the sidebars. 

One of the great features of PongUniverse is the Pong Map where users can mark table tennis locations on a global map. You can input any destination or lock your own location and find table tennis clubs, training centers, tables in educational campuses, parks, and bars/cafes. Pong Map is the ultimate tool for locating a place to play no matter where you are.

The new site and app have integrated tools for sharing across different platforms making it easier to share your ponguniverse activities into other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 

Fun Features:

One of my favourite features on the app is the Quizzes section. At the moment there are a handful of quizzes but now you will be able to create your own to challenge others. Nothing beats a bit of table tennis trivia!

Along with the Quiz section you can also create and participate in polls. A new chat feature has also been added so now you can chat with your table tennis friends around the globe!


Carrying from the old app there is a blogs section and forums section and many links being posted of an educational nature for players of all levels from players, enthusiasts, coaches and clubs. 


The new app also has great and incredibly well priced advertising opportunities for sites, equipment stores, small businesses, anyone who wants in!

PongUniverse the home of all things table tennis!
Passion Continues

While these upgrades have made the app and site much improved, Andrew has assured me they are working on new features already. For the Williams family the passion never ceases and I believe the app will continue to grow and improve. I encourage everyone to get on the train with PongUniverse!

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