Thursday 21 April 2016

The Ultimate Guide to Beating Your Workmates At Ping Pong

I have had students in the past who have come out of garages and work offices to learn some new skills so that they can emerge at the top of their group of friends or colleagues. Having worked in a sales office with a table tennis table in the past, I know what kind of environment this is. Fortunately I had the ultimate immunity of being a properly trained player. So I decided to prepare this 5 step blog post on what you need to do to get ahead of the game and take down the competition in your garage or office.

1. Learn the Basics and Master Them

You need to assert some technical prowess. A player with more knowledge of how to hit a table tennis ball has an advantage. Learn to understand a little about the basic shots, the forehand and backhand. If you can master even the simpler shots and keep the ball on the table with them, you have landed yourself an advantage in every rally. While your colleagues may be able to hit some hard, the more consistent player in these situations will win the day. Here is a video from Alois and Jeff from Pingskills to help you on your way!

2. Head Online for Tips and Tricks

The internet is the home of learning these days it seems. There is an incomprehensible amount of content online for learning table tennis. Head to youtube for video tutorials, blogs and forums (if you have questions) the online table tennis community is huge. Even watching some professionals play can help give you the hulk-like urge to destroy your enemies! Check out Brett Clarke from TTEdge below with some more tips!

3. Want Free Points? Learn the Dirtiest Serves Possible

In the Summer of 2014 in Las Vegas I attended the Topspin Charity Tournament and watched the infamous Clipper's Star Chris Paul a.k.a CP3 absolutely dismantle his opposition to claim glory at his own tournament. So what could one amateur ping pong player do to set him above the rest? Simple, he knew how to serve with spin and no one could control their returns. The simple ability to serve well earned CP3 an enormous advantage, it was almost comical to watch. The two videos above are a good place to start, learning to serve puts your opponent on edge and under pressure!

CP3 a.k.a Chris Paul showing his skills at Topspin Las Vegas
4. Join a Club (Get a Coach ;) )

The best thing to do is to get down with some secret training, put in some out of office hours into it. Even playing against other people and gaining some experience will give you a stepping stone to wiping out your opponents and claiming your turf. Joining a club will let you experience it all, seeing better players competing, playing with a mix of different players (some of whom will give you advice if they are kind enough), access to learning material and coaching options. Not only that but you will make new friends along the way!

The best step is to get a coach, if you are committed to ruling your domain. A coach will help turn you into the ping pong monster you have always dreamed of being with all the attention you need and like any good open book, the answers to all your questions about how to improve. Make sure you keep it all under wraps so nobody suspects a thing!

Join a Table Tennis Club like

5. Upgrade Your Equipment

Want to scare your co-workers or friends with intimidation? Bring your own bat to the show. Good equipment can give you a great advantage over casual players who use office hardbats or garage bats which have undergone years of torment at gatherings. A good grippy rubber and blade can make just the quality difference you need to make your serves untouchable and your shots spinnier and more powerful. They won't stand a chance!

So What Are You Waiting For?

No time for standing around, the others might be reading this too! Get started on the journey to lording over your boss on the ping pong table or at hustling your friends for the next Burger King combo! Good luck!! :)


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