Sunday 8 September 2013

Ping Pong Runway #1: Bernadette Szocs

While many individuals complain that table tennis is not tailored to spectators and that female players should make more of an effort to improve the image of the sport, I thought I would take an opportunity to speak to some players and see what they thought and to show you all that there are certainly players out there making an effort to look great both on and off the table. The first person I wanted to speak to was Bernadette Szocs from Romania, a name which many of you will know of course!

Bernadette Szocs sponsored by Tibhar
Image Courtesy of Tibhar

The Tibhar sponsored player, just 18 years old is one of Europe's most successful young players of this generation having won the European Cadet Challenge in 2010 and the European Youth Championships the two years following. While Bernadette states that she's not too worried how she looks out on the table, she admits she prefers to look good and she thinks that perhaps for the supporters there is some importance in our female players looking attractive. We decided to go through and pick a few of her favourite photos for this post.

Bernadette Szocs
Photo Courtesy of Tibhar
We have seen Bernadette appearing in various photoshoots over the years and she has certainly created an image for herself. With strong contrast her gentle and young appearance leaves us wide open for surprise to see her fiery competitive nature out on the table and of course her unforgettable moments of celebration. The young Romanian currently resides in Bremen, Germany where she trains along with brother Hunor Szocs though she represents Lille in the French League for her competitive matches.

Sophisticated Look: Bernadette Szocs
As we see more photoshoots from Bernie she is developing quite a style both on and off the table with some more sophisticated shots like the one above. We decided this was one of the best photos. Szocs admits that a lot of people have prompted her to pursue modelling but it seems she is still very much hungry for table tennis still and thinks that she isn't tall enough to be a model in this era of the business. One thing is for sure, over the last few years we have seen her photo albums develop from juvenile table tennis photo snaps to more sophisticated styles, looks and locations with more ideas behind each photo.

Professional Look: Bernadette Szocs
So as time passes on no doubt we will see more photoshoot material from Bernadette, she is certainly crossing the line to some degree into the world of modelling and creates a great image for her fans and for the sport. Her focus now is on the European Championships, I'm sure I will have more questions for her again very soon. Thank you again Bernie!

Bernadette Szocs


  1. she's too much...

  2. This article is good to read, but she's not one of the best selection/ reputation of girls out there. Nice article though :)

  3. Beautiful and competitive girl


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