Wednesday 11 September 2013

Ping Pong Runway #2: Margarita Pesotska

So after a great first part with Bernadette Szocs from Romania I decided to continue in this mini series of exploring the image of female table tennis players and went to catch up with my good friend Margarita Pesotska from Ukraine. Margarita was a bronze medallist at the 2011 European Championships and like Szocs was twice the European Youth Champion and once European Cadet Champion.

Margarita Pesotska Photoshoot
So I spoke with Margarita a little about the image of women's table tennis. Like most female players she is a believer in female's looking good not just in table tennis but in life also and that table tennis is a beautiful game so why shouldn't it have beautiful players! The young player from Ukraine currently plays in the Polish league and is sponsored by Tibhar.

Margarita Pesotska
While Pesotska agrees that skirts are more feminine and are better than shorts, she is not so sure about the comfort and convenience of dresses in our fast paced sport and admits it's more unusual to see table tennis players in dresses.

Pesotska in Action

Margarita has regularly frequented the top 50 women's rankings on the ITTF list over the past few years and is one of Europe's stronger players with a two winged attacking game. She has a great fighting spirit and never gives up in a match!

Margarita Pesotska Swimming

Pesotska has done a couple of photoshoots, she certainly knows how to look great both on and off the table. She isn't just a pretty face and a great table tennis player though, the young athlete also holds 2 degrees in Sport and Literature and is currently completing a Masters degree, her 5th year of University study.

Margarita Pesotska Serves
So make sure you keep an eye out for this big contender at the European Championships as she aims to repeat her medal winning performance of 2011. Thank you Margarita and good luck! :D

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