Wednesday 25 September 2013

Get 3 Free Match Analysis Videos on TTEdge Now!

I just received a special referral code for all table tennis fans and MHTableTennis fans anywhere in the world. You can join TTEdge today and use my code MHTT as a referral code and receive 3 free match analysis videos. Remember registration on TTEdge is free and offers a number of features. There is an online video store full of instructional videos which unlike most subscription based sites, can be purchased individually at very low costs!

You can also register for upgraded memberships in stages which unlocks further more advanced and more in-depth features. William Henzell is a professional table tennis player with a wealth of knowledge and a reputation for his analytical abilities in matches. He pressed Vladimir Samsonov to the edge of the 7th set in last year's London Olympic Games after already defeating WR39 (at the time) Joao Monteiro. He is Oceania's most successful players, has gone through the pressure of league matches in the European system in Sweden and Austria, training in Europe and Australia, qualifying for Olympics, competing as an underdog and under pressure as a top seed. His experience is vast and he shares it all on TTEdge.

Make sure you check out the site today and use my referral code MHTT to choose 3 free match analysis videos!

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