Thursday 16 July 2015

Training in China: Zhengding Blog #2

I just finished my 4th day training here and I'm starting to get a hold on how things work here. Each day there are two training sessions in the men's gym one half is single ball table drills and the other half is multiball.

The multiball has been really tough and I end up sweating completely through my clothes so I have been using three sets of clothes each day. Thankfully some of our rooms have washing machines and with the heat and a washing line in a little sunroom balcony, it doesn't take long to dry.

My training partners have been a pretty solid standard, I saw one of the old coaches from SVTTC here yesterday, Geng Shupeng and also Wang Yang is here the chopper. I have been working as hard as I can to earn as much respect as I can get (especially on my blocking so I can ensure their drills are high enough quality).

Some of my training partners have given me some small pieces of advice which have been helping a lot with my technique for different strokes. All in all I think at the end of my 2 weeks here I will be in much better shape.

I have managed to get to the gym on a couple of evenings so far and do some back squats and bench press exercises, just keeping it light so I can keep my body intact for training.

I'm managing to hit the reset overnight and wake up feeling relatively fresh the next morning for now, we'll see what I'm like by the end of my first week!

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