Sunday 19 July 2015

Training in China: Zhengding Blog #3

So the end of my first week of 2 has arrived and I actually feel pretty good. Today (Sunday) was a half day so we had the second half of the day to rest. I felt in good shape this morning and we played matches. We were split into groups of 10 and played each other among our groups. Each match was best of 3 and starting at 5-5. I was a little nervous because I thought I would get destroyed in matches. Well it was quite the opposite.

Found this misspelled sign in the gym amusing
I won my first 6 encounters before losing one and then finishing off my last opponents, overall I played 8 matches and won 7 of them. I think my style bugged a lot of the players, particularly my service and my inside out forehand. I still have plenty to work on especially with my service receiving but it was nice to get some confidence and I'll be ready to head into the second week.

As I mentioned I didn't bring a tripod so getting video footage has been difficult, I did get one video up onto YouTube of a full bucket of two point forehand.

So I'm all ready for week 2 and after that my adventures continue as I travel to Beijing!

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