Saturday 23 January 2016

6 Amazing Table Tennis Moments When China Didn't Win

Call me a pessimist for such a negatively worded post, but these opportunities are becoming less frequent. As much as I love Chinese players, nothing gets me going more than seeing them get beaten, it's a feeling of success even though I had no part in it whatsoever. I decided to post 6 of my favourite moments in Table Tennis where China were overcome in significant fashion or at a very important time. Of course there are many other occasions but here are my 6 favourites! :) Enjoy reminiscing!

1. Werner Schlager becomes World Champion

2003, the last time a non-Chinese player was World Champion. Schlager, an underdog, comes out on top. A classic moment in time as the Austrian overcame both Wang Liqin and Kong Linghui to reach the final stage where he defeated Joo Se Hyuk.

Schlager vs. Kong Linghui WTTC 2003

Schlager vs. Wang Liqin WTTC 2003

2. Oh Sang Eun Decimates Wang Hao

One of my favourite Oh Sang Eun matches where the Korean player leads an almost embarrassing win over China's Wang Hao in the 2008 Asian Super Circuit event. The smooth and fluid strokes of Oh prove more than formidable, leaving Wang Hao with no answers!

Oh Sang Eun vs. Wang Hao 2008 Super Circuit

3. Michael Maze Returns from No-Man's Land to Defeat Hao Shuai

The match of the 2005 World Championships and one that ultimately laid doom to Hao Shuai's table tennis career as Michael Maze came fighting back from a seemingly impossible deficit. One of the matches for the ages from the Danish great, often labelled the 'best comeback ever'.

Michael Maze vs. Hao Shuai 2005 WTTC

4. Vladimir Samsonov wins the 2009 World Cup

Samsonov proves he still has it in a thrilling clash with Ma Long in the 2009 World Cup semifinal, going on to beat Chen Qi in the final in a show of pure class and fluency.

Samsonov vs. Ma Long 2009 World Cup Semifinal

5. Sweden Beat China at the 2000 World Team Championships

The last true legends of table tennis stood strong for Sweden in 2000, seemingly passing the peak of their careers, but they were not done yet. Persson and Waldner rallied together to produce the last defeat against China beyond the last decade!

Persson vs. Liu Guoliang 2000 WTTTC

6. Timo Boll wins the 2005 World Cup

The ultimate clean sweep. Timo Boll, the king of European Table Tennis, defeats the whole Chinese team at the 2005 World Cup. A quarterfinal win over Wang Liqin, semifinal over Ma Lin and final against Wang Hao to clench what he states in my interview HERE as his best career moment!

QF World Cup 2005 Timo Boll vs. Wang Liqin

SF World Cup 2005 Timo Boll vs. Ma Lin

Final World Cup 2005 Timo Boll vs. Wang Hao

So there you have it. These are my 6 favourite moments of the world beating China. Hold on to these memories until next time it may arise, we can only live in hope! :)


  1. Don't forget Singapore defeated China at the World Team championship in 2012.

  2. 1989 5-0 win for Swedish men's team over China has to be at the top of the list

  3. Another worthy mention is Ryu Seung-min's gold medal win over Wang Hao at the 2004 Summer Olympics.


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