Wednesday 13 January 2016

MHTT World Champs Buildup Diary: Day 3

The day started in all the right ways. Woke up at 6:30am, weighed in at 8am before mixing my days up and doing my small core workout at 8:30am. I didn't have the chance to practice in the morning as I had to help with some new tables that got delivered and the lighting at the club was being re-done.

Getting my plan on!

Here was my small core workout:

1 minute plank
1 minute side plank (left)
1 minute side plank (right)

20 vertical scissor kicks (slow) at the end continue without putting feet down to -
20 horizontal scissor kicks (slow)

1 minute leg hold

I went through 3 times. It's nothing too crazy just a small workout to get my day started. This will be my fixed core workout, I may add on to it later on as I become more accustomed to it.

I faced my first big dietary challenge today after being offered lunch and thinking of my usual big breakfast bagel, I restrained and turned it down. Water intake was higher today which is something I'm aiming to improve on, no soda. Also good.

I managed to squeeze in a quick 45 minute hit in the evening before shooting off to the gym where I did 4 miles on the elliptical cross-trainer to hit my 700 calorie target for the session. I know the calorie counts are a topic for debate but it's a good way to aim for something when I'm doing cardio.

So far my purchase of a new whiteboard has been great, everything is being planned out and as I said, Day 1 of the real hard work was good. Now the hard part is keeping it up and getting more training in!

So tomorrow morning will be core workout again (to make up for my mixup) and then practice at 10am and again in the evening!

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